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Type 861 Condenser Discharge Machine with hand-cranked A.C. generator
Technical Data:
: 1420V
Firing Condenser
: 100uf
: 100 joule
: 9 kg
: 240x145x257mm

Firing capacity : Using electric DEM-S Detonators

With 4m copper legwires and 10 ohms shot firing cable in series 320 pcs
In parallel: 5 series with 200 in each 1000 pcs
Maximum Resistance 580 ohms


- Magneto generator operated by a removable crank handle.

- Capacitor charged by a group of rectifiers.

- Thyristor acting as switching in device.

- Two-part housing of light metal casting which reconciles sturdiness with low weight.

- Strong leather carrying strap.

Pocket Blaster EBM 05 Detonators (DEM-S CU 4M) 20 pcs - Limit resistance 90 ohm

Technical data
Ignition voltage 225-250 Volt/DC
Ignition Capacitors 2 x 220 μ F
Ignition Max. 13.75 joules
Recommended battery Alkaline Size 9 V


Operating temperature : 15C to + 50C
Dimensions : (L x W x H) 160x82x22 mm
Weight : (including battery) about 350g
Charging time of the capacitors : about 18 seconds (with new battery)
Discharge time of the capacitors : about 5 seconds


This industry proven blasting machine offers great firing capacity in a small, rugged and compact design. The solid state circuitry assures excellent reliability and service life.

Detonators (DEM-S CU 4M) Max 35 pcs in single series. Lead-Line max 12 ohm. (parallel series not recommended)

Technical data
Recommended battery Alkaline Size 9 V
Operating temperature -15 ° C to + 50 ° C
Dimensions (Lx W x H) ˜ 110x90x6 mm
Weight (including battery) about 300g
Battery life Up to 450 charges.