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PRILLEX AK is an improved water resistant prilled form explosive (or dry blasting agent) which is composed of Ammonium Nitrate, Fuel Oil and an additive that forms a protective gel when it comes in contact with water making PRILLEX AK an improved water resistance ANFO.

PRILLEX AK is a blasting agent and therefore not cap-sensitive. For reliable initiation, a primer cartridge of a high explosive (KEMULEX or PRIMEX) must be used to reinforce the effect of the detonator.


- General purpose blasting in all type of rock formations under wet conditions.


- Safe as it requires a primer ( KEMULEX or PRIMEX) to initiate.
- Easy to handle and load into holes.
- Economical for its low cost and efficient performance.
- Adaptable to bulk trucks : comes in 400 & 800 Kg bags.


Even though PRILLEX AK has water resistance properties, the blasthole should be dewatered before loading by flushing or pumping. Loading should start directly after dewatering and finalized hole by hole. PRILLEX AK can be charged by pneumatic charging equipment.



PRILLEX AK Technical Characteristics
Limitation in Applications
Initiation sensitivity Primer
Minimum blasthole diameter 51 mm
Water resistance Limited
Physical Properties of PRILLEX AK
Consistency Prills
Color Dark Grey
Density g/c.c 0.84-0.89
Detonation Data
Energy,Mj/kg 3.7
Gas volume (NTP), liter/kg 900
weight strength, % of ANFO 96
Velocity of detonation, m/sec
Confined 76mm


Plastic bag.kg 25
Reinforced plastic bag.kg 400
Reinforced plastic bag.kg 800

UN Classification

- Shipping Name : Explosive, Blasting, type B
- Class & Division: 1.1D
- UN Number: 0082


PRILLEX AK must be stored in well ventilated and dry magazines. Shelf life of PRILLEX AK is 6 month from production date. Store in accordance with all applicable local and federal laws.