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DEM-S is Millisecond electric detonators with delay intervals of 25 ms. DEM-S detonators are specially designed to provide the precise control necessary to produce accurate and consistent blasting results.
Their accuracy eliminates overlap and contributes to better breakage and vibration control when properly used. In addition to their overall dependability, they are easy to handle and possess excellent storage characteristics and are well protected against static electricity and water pressure. DEM-S detonators are N0.8 strength.

Electric Detonator


1- High accuracy millisecond delay detonators assure better breakage, fragmentation and reduced vibration.

2- Delay intervals permit greater flexibility in blast design to control vibration, frequencies and breakage. No overlap.
3- Designed for greater safety with protective insulating antistatic plug with spark gap.

4- Excellent water resistance.
5- Superior fuse head design is unmatched for reliability.
6- Multi-step quality control program tests components and finished products to ensure reliable field performance.
7- Detonators are classified for shipping and storage purpose as Class 1.4 B

Construction Specifications

- Electric detonators DEM-S resist a 0.45 A current and an energy of 8 mJ/Ohm.

- Activating ignition impulse of detonators is 18 mJ/Ohm.
- Shell is made of aluminum alloy (7mm diameter).
- Copper wires are insulated with PVC.
- Antistatic plug with spark gap provides maximum protection against static electricity.
- Plastic plug is triple crimped to form a waterproof seal and to hold fuse head in proper position.


Millisecond electric detonators DEM-S are packed in fiber board cases.
The base packaging for detonators with 4 m leg wires is 400 units in a case with dimensions 400 x 300 x 250 mm. Leg wires shorter than 16 m are furnished with fold. Leg wires longer than 16 m are supplied on durable spools.

Electric Detonator

UN Classification

Shipping Name: Detonators, Electric for Blasting
Class & Division: 1.4B
UN Number:     0255


DEM-S detonators must be kept in dry and well ventilated magazines.
Store in accordance with all applicable local and federal laws.
All detonators should never be stored in the same magazine with other explosives.