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Seismic star II

Seismic Star II™ detonator is specially designed for the harsh conditions encountered in the modern 2-D and 3-D seismic patterns. The copper shell ensures protection from the environment of salt and brackish water for long periods of time. Seismic Star II electric detonators will initiate all detonator sensitive seismic explosives.


Initiation of Seismic Explosives.

Advantages of Seismic Star II

- Strength: 720 mg PETN base charge which far exceeds the standard #8 strength detonator.
- Copper shell: 7.3 mm diameter shell designed to resist corrosive environments like salt/brackish water.
- Sealing plug:100% rubber for extended sleeping time.
- No fire current: 0.45 amperes for extra protection from electrostatic discharge.
- Break time: less than 1 ms when fired with 5-10 amperes DC current.
- Temperature resistance: from - 30C to +80C.
- Abrasion resistance: highly resistant 0.6 and 0.8 mm red PE insulated wire.
- Primary explosive charge: protected.


UN Classification

Shipping Name:  Detonators, Electric for Blasting
Class & Division:  1.4B, (1.4S for spools)
UN Number:      0255, (0456)

Electrical Specification

Single detonator     Single series
All fire current     5A/4ms                  6A/4ms
All fire impulse     16 mJ/ohm             18 mJ/ohm
No fire current    0.45 A/5min            0.45 A/5min
No fire impulse    8mJ/ohm/5 min       8mJ/ohm/5 min


SEISMIC STAR II detonators must be kept in dry and well ventilated magazines. Store in accordance with all applicable local and federal laws.
All detonators should never be stored in the same magazine with other explosives. For optimum accuracy, use within 2 years from date of manufacture under good storage conditions