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KEMULEX is an aluminized and water-based emulsion explosive with a plastic consistency.
KEMULEX is the latest generation of explosives which meets all the demands on a modern worksite.
The intimate mixture of fuel, emulsifier, and oxidizer gives the explosives its excellent blasting characteristics, high efficiency and high detonation velocity.
KEMULEX is offered in a variety of sizes to meet every job requirement.


- Priming blasting agents e.g. PRILLEX.
- Trench blasting.
- Hard Rock blasting.
- Underwater blasting.
- Presplitting and Smooth blasting.
- Underground blasting.


- Wide variety of sizes to allow best choice for every job.
- Excellent water resistant.
- Good Velocity of Detonation under high water pressure.
- High detonation pressure for efficient priming of PRILLEX.
- Low fumes for underground use.
- High Detonation Velocity for a maximum energy release.

UN Classification

Shipping Name: Explosive, Blasting, type E
Class & Division: 1.1D
UN Number: 0241


For best blasting results, use before 12 months of production date.
KEMULEX must be kept in dry and well ventilated magazines.
Store in accordance with all applicable local and federal laws.