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Pentolite Cast Boosters

Pentolite cast Boosters are high detonation pressure explosives and are sensitive to initiation by No. 8 detonator and detonating Cord

Saudi Chemical Company supplies Pentolite cast Boosters with two cap wells for ease in priming with Sanel detonators or detonating Cord


Initiation of prillex and other non-cap sensitive explosives


- High velocity of detonation and very high detonation pressure.
- Convenient to use and store.
- Convenient assemble No. holes required for priming
- Long shelf life
- Contains no nitroglycerine and thus less sensitive to shock and friction than other types of boosters.
- excellent water resistance

UN Classification

Shipping Name: Boosters, without detonator
Class & Division: 1.1D
UN Number: 0042


Pentolite cast Boosters must be kept in well ventilated and dry magazines. Store in accordance with all applicable governmental regulations.

Bentolite Booster charecteristics