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Enviroseis™ is a detonator sensitive, high viscosity explosive packed in
rigid plastic tubes. Enviroseis is produced locally by Saudi Chemical Company
under license from Austin Powder, USA.


-  Seismic shooting.


- For easy priming, ENVIROSEIS has two cap wells.
- Its high detonation velocity produces excellent seismic pulse images.
- Designed for reliability in severe conditions.
- Does not contain molecular explosives, nitroglycerin or perchlorates.
- Self disarming: desensitizes and decomposes in shorter time compared to conventional seismic explosives.
- Using couplers, ENVIROSEIS charge can be adjusted to desired weight and length.


High strength detonator; No.8 strength or greater. For best results,
Seismic Star II detonators are recommended to ensure detonation.


ENVIROSEIS Technical Characteristics
Density,g/cc 1.16
Temperature Sensitivity -29 ° C
Pressure, Kb 100
Water resistance Excellent
VOD,m/s 5,910


Cartridge type Rigid plastic cartridge
Cartridge dia,mm 60
Length,cm 18.5       36
Cartridge weight, kg 0.5 and 1.0
Case count, pcs 40       20
Case weight,kg 40       20


UN Classification

- Shipping Name : Explosive, Blasting, type E
- Class & Division: 1.1D
- UN Number: 0241


For best blasting results, use before 12 months of production date.
ENVIROSEIS must be kept in dry and well ventilated magazines.
Store in accordance with all applicable local and federal laws.