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Measurement Instruments

DIGOHM Automatic Digital Resistance Meter

The DIGIOHM digital ohmmeter is intended for measuring and checking the resistance in initiation systems that incorporate electric detonators. The instrument is self-starting and has automatic reconnection between different measuring ranges. It has a built-in self-testing function which also checks the condition of the battery.


- LCD display with digit size of 13 mm.
- Measuring ranges 0,0—1999 ohm.
- Measuring current: maximum 4 mA.
- Automatic selection of measuring range with or without decimals, appropriate to the given resistance of circuit (auto-ranging).
- Automatic switching on and switching off of the instrument.
- Automatic zero adjustment.
- Water proof & antistatic plastic housing.
- Light weight & handy size.

Technical Specifications
Measuring range 0-1999 ohm
Measuring current Max. 4 mA (25 mA permitted)
Measuring accuracy 0.5%
Battery 1.5 V Akaline size R6
Dimensions 135x80x22mm
Weight 325 g
Operating temp. -20 C to 55 C

VIBRALOC - The Intelligent Vibration Monitor

VIBRALOC is full waveform Blast Vibration Monitor with an integrated tri-axel geophones system. Air blast recordings can be made on the forth channel using an optional microphone connected to an external connector. The individual time history series of the seismic (V, L & T) channels and the external air blast (A) are stored in the build in memory that can stores up to 1000 readings.


- Compact and versatile - Fits into your pocket!
- Unsurpassed measurement characteristics for peak performance.
- Modular construction to meet future developments. Two standard alkaline D-cells provide power for up to 3 weeks on site.
- Easy to use thanks to on screen menu driven operation.
- A solid aluminum block to withstand your environmental requirements.

Technical Specification

Channels : 3 geophone channels, 1 microphone channel
Standard sensors: 3 built-in geophones
Optional sensor : 1 weatherproof air blast microphone
Frequency range: 2-250 Hz
Weight: 1.75 Kg with batteries
Dimensions LxWxH: 178 x 86 x 67 mm excl. connectors
Display: 4 x 20 characters

Standard PC Software
VIBRALOC REMOTE: Software for remote control & file transfer.
UVSZ: Software for time domain analysis of event files e.g delta-times, amplitudes, ZX frequency etc.