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Cables and Other Accessories

Blasting Mats

Saudi Chemical Company offers two types of covering (Blasting Mats) that are used to avoid fly rocks in populated areas, heavy covering and splinter protective covering. The heavy covering is intended to hold the blast together and reduce forward movement. Heavy covering is made of truck tires which are cut into sections and twined together with steel wires forming mats with a size of 2.2 x 4 and a weight 550 Kg.
The splinter protective covering is lighter and may consist of industrial felt, tarpaulins or mesh nets. The two coverings are often used together with the heavy covering closest to the rock surface.

Shot Firing Cable and Connecting Wires

Saudi Chemical Company supplies high quality Shot Firing Cables and Connecting Wires. There are two types of Shot Firing Cables.

Lead area,mm Insulation thickness, mm Resistance per 100 m, Ω
1- 2x1.50 0.9+1.2 2.0
2- 2x0.75 0.6+1.1 5.0

Shot firing cable must be high quality and have a resistance of no more than 10 ohms. Therefore a resistance of 5.0 ohms per 100 m is suitable when using DEM-S electric detonators. Connecting wire must be of high quality and have a resistance of no more than 6 ohms per 100 m.

Other Accessories

Saudi Chemical Company offer wide variety of accessories such as, Tamping Rods, Sirens, Detonator Pliers, and Drill hole Plugs with different sizes from 30 mm up to 120 mm.