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Certifications & Memberships


ISO Certifications

Saudi Chemical Company did not overlook the importance of the Quality, Safety and the superiority of its products which led Saudi Chemical Company to the forefront of enchantment and reputation from numbers of companies. After the successful implementation of the ISO 9001 system, Saudi Chemical recently obtained a certificate of Quality system and Environmental, Health and Safety (ISO2008:9001) and (ISO 2004:14001) and (OHSAS 2007:18001),Which expresses the Company's Policy and commitment to the application of the Quality Standards in all its facilities.

SAFEX Membership

Having a record in Safety and high accidents preventive system, Proudly Saudi Chemical Company is a member of SAFEX. SAFEX INTERNATIONAL is a global organization with the prime objective of improving the saffety, Health and Environment (SHE) associated with design, development, manufacturing, storage, transport and distribution, use disposal and recycling of explosives products.

The International Society of Explosives Engineers (ISEE)

ISEE was formed in 1974 as a professional society dedicated to promoting the safety, security and the controlled use of explosives in mining, quarrying, construction, manufacturing, demolition, aerospace, forestry, avalanche control, are, automotive, special effects, exploration, seismology, agriculture, law enforcement, and many other peaceful uses of explosives. Saudi Chemical Company was been a member ISEE for more than 25 years.

European Federation of explosives Engineers (EFEE)

EFEE was founded in 1988, and has 25 member nations. its purpose is to provide a European forum for professionals working in the field of explosives techniques in rock.

The aim is to enable this category of professional engineers to apply for jobs outside their own countries without time-consuming delays in obtaining appropriate permits.