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Electronic Detonator

E*Star electronic detonators are designed to provide the precise control necessary to produce accurate and consistent blasting results in a variety of blasting applications in the mining, quarrying, and construction industries. The E*Star detonator may be programmed in 1-millisecond increments from 1 millisecond to 10 000 milliseconds using the dedicated programing device called the logger.


  • 100 % verification of reliability of connections in initiation network.
  • Delay range of 1- 10 000 ms with an increment of 1 ms.
  • Precision of 0,01% of nominal delay time.
  • Safe and reliable initiation of up to 1600 units in one blast per one blasting machine.
  • Unique ID in each detonator.
  • Multiple verification of detonators prior each blast.
  • Protection from misuse.
  • Combination of copper shell and high initiation strength of ensures reliable initiation of all cap sensitive commercial explosives.

E*Star System Function

E*Star detonator contain capacitor, logic and timing circuit, and pyrotechnic ignition system manufactured by special devices Inc. This electronic ignition module is integrated with Austin detonator technology to provide a complete unit. When the capacitor is charged by the blasting machine DBM 1600-2-K, the energy from the internal capacitor is released at the programmed time and squib is initiated. Subsequently, the base charge detonator.

E*Star System Equipment

The system may be operated only by trained and authorized personnel using the dedicated equipment designed specifically for operating E*Star detonators. The currently approved equipment is a LM-1 tester, DLG1600-100 loggers, and DBM 1600-2K blasting machine. The use of this system requires specific training in use of all components. The training is addition to the normal, required training that all blasters and blasting personnel have received.

Standard Technical Description